Insulation Pins

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A new way of attaching insulation to ducting, steel containers, bulkheads etc.

The LENNE-IBS1 combines economy with safety :-

  • No Riveting
  • No Glueing
  • No Welding

Simply lock in the Lenne Fixing Tool to a power screw driver and fix each pin in seconds.

The self-drilling end drills through steel, forms mating threads, and fastens securely and cleanly in any conditions. The insulation slab or roll is pressed over the pin and secured by the spring washer, which locks over the pin.

Advantages of IBS1

  • lower costs from dramatic reductions in installation time
  • can be used in virtually any conditions with complete safety
  • stays securely fixed even in high temperatures
  • does not damage plated finishes
  • requires only one tool – standard power screw driver

Improve Quality and Workmanship with the Lenne IBS 1