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Wedge Type with white cover caps

NA/08100W M8 x 100mm
NA/08120W M8 x 120mm
NA/08140W M8 x 140mm
NA/10075W M10 x 75mm
NA/10100W M10 x 100mm
NA/10120W M10 x 120mm
NA/10140W M10 x 140mm
NA/10165W M10 x 165mm
Wedge-type with white cover caps | Abrasives & Screw Products LTD

Screw Type

NA/08060S M8 x 60mm
NA/08080S M8 x 80mm
NA/08100S M8 x 100mm
NA/08120S M8 x 120mm
NA/08135S M8 x 135mm
NA/10080S M10 x 80mm
NA/10100S M10 x 100mm
NA/10115S M10 x 115mm
NA/10120S M10 x 120mm
NA/10135S M10 x 135mm
NA/10160S M10 x 160mm
Cover Cap 13.5mm
Screw Type frame fixing ASP Ltd

Drive Type

NA/06040D M6 x 40mm
NA/06060D M6 x 60mm
NA/06080D M6 x 80mm
NA/08080D M8 x 80mm
NA/08100D M8 x 100mm
NA/08120D M8 x 120mm
Cover Cap 13.5mm
Drive Type frame fixing from ASP Ltd

Metal Drive Type

MA/06030D M6 x 30mm
MA/06040D M6 x 40mm
Metal drive type frame fixing | Abrasives & Screw Products LTD

Large Head Drive Type

NAL/06030D M6 x 30
NAL/06035D M6 x 35
NAL/06040D M6 x 40
NAL/06060D M6 x 60
Hammer Fixing Large Head Drive Type