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Frame fixings are specialised screws that are used to secure a heavy structure or frame to walls or other surfaces. They are designed to provide a secure grip and are also corrosion-resistant, providing a long lifespan for the screw and making them suitable for outdoor applications, as well as for use in bathrooms and other wet areas. The benefits of using frame fixings are that they are strong, secure, and durable. They also provide excellent grip and are very easy to install.

Wedge Type with white cover caps

NA/08100W M8 x 100mm
NA/08120W M8 x 120mm
NA/08140W M8 x 140mm
NA/10075W M10 x 75mm
NA/10100W M10 x 100mm
NA/10120W M10 x 120mm
NA/10140W M10 x 140mm
NA/10165W M10 x 165mm

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Wedge-type with white cover caps | Abrasives & Screw Products LTD

Screw Type

NA/08060S M8 x 60mm
NA/08080S M8 x 80mm
NA/08100S M8 x 100mm
NA/08120S M8 x 120mm
NA/08135S M8 x 135mm
NA/10080S M10 x 80mm
NA/10100S M10 x 100mm
NA/10115S M10 x 115mm
NA/10120S M10 x 120mm
NA/10135S M10 x 135mm
NA/10160S M10 x 160mm
Cover Cap 13.5mm
Screw Type frame fixing ASP Ltd

Drive Type

NA/06040D M6 x 40mm
NA/06060D M6 x 60mm
NA/06080D M6 x 80mm
NA/08080D M8 x 80mm
NA/08100D M8 x 100mm
NA/08120D M8 x 120mm
Cover Cap 13.5mm
Drive Type frame fixing from ASP Ltd

Metal Drive Type

MA/06030D M6 x 30mm
MA/06040D M6 x 40mm
Metal drive type frame fixing | Abrasives & Screw Products LTD

Large Head Drive Type

NAL/06030D M6 x 30
NAL/06035D M6 x 35
NAL/06040D M6 x 40
NAL/06060D M6 x 60
Hammer Fixing Large Head Drive Type