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Properties & Advantages

Duplex Stainless Steel  EN 1.4462 has a corrosion resistance superior to A5 and is classified as Corrosion Class IV/Strong.

This corrosion resistance is coupled with high strength

  • Tensile strength – min 700 [N/mm2]
  • Yield – min 450 [N/mm2]

Duplex belongs to the group of stainless steel and acid resistant steels and is divided into five groups from lean duplex to hyper duplex.  A characteristic of duplex steels is the balanced austenitic-ferritic two-phase structure (ratio 50:50), where the positive properties of ferrites and austenites are combined.  Duplex steels have high strength – comparable to higher strength structural steels.


Duplex fasteners have properties that are extremely useful in applications across a wide range of industries, eg food, construction (including tunnels and bridges), paper, oil and gas, petrochemical, marine technology (onshore, offshore and shipbuilding), mechanical and plant engineering, power plant technology, cooling towers, swimming pools and pool construction.

 Product range

DIN 912 M6 to M16 Hexagon Socket Cap Head Screws
DIN 931 M12 to M20 Hexagon Head Bolts
DIN 933 M6 to M24 Hexagon Head Screws
DIN 934 M6 to M24 Hexagon Nuts
DIN 980 M6 to M24 Lock Nuts
DIN 976 M6 to M24 Threaded Rod
DIN 127 6.1 to 24.5 Spring Lock Washers
DIN 125 6.4 to 25.0 Flat Washers
DIN 9021 6.4 to 26.0 Large  Flat Washers