Sleeper Screws & Landscape Screws

Landscape Sleeper Screw Hex Washer Head 7.0 x 65..
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  • Include sizes and quantities if possible
  1. Cutting flutes for easy driving.
  2. 1000 hours organic coating for exterior use
  3. 7.0mm diameter for increased strength
  4. Hex drive bit in each box
  5. Length and diameter stamped on screw head

Ideal for sleepers, deck frames, stairs, fencing, roofing etc. For sales and advice, give us a call on 01704 879 311.

Lengths Available Box Quantity Outer Box Quantity
7.0 x 65 50 600
7.0 x 90 50 600
7.0 x 140 50 400
7.0 x 180 50 300
7.0 x 200 50 300
7.0 x 250 50 300

Are you searching for first-rate sleeper screws to secure your deck? Look no further than our decking sleeper screws, designed with superior holding power and long-lasting durability.

Our screws offer unmatched quality, crafted using galvanised steel and covered with a 1000-hour coating. If you’re creating a deck in a rainy town, you’ll need to get your hands on corrosive-resistant sleeper screws. 

They’ll help you get the job done right with anti-rust properties to protect the integrity of your build. But that’s not all – our decking screws are also incredibly easy to install, thanks to their innovative design and user-friendly features.

Each box you purchase contains a hex drive bit for hassle-free installation. Whether you’re attaching joists to a sleeper wall or creating a deck from scratch, our sleepers guarantee an effortless driving experience. 

So why wait? Shop our selection of decking sleeper screws today and start building the deck of your dreams! With our unbeatable quality and prices, you’re making the right choice for your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are sleeper screws used for?

Sleeper screws can secure wood, metal or masonry, like concrete or bricks. They are ideal for deck frames, fencing, roofing and securing sleeper walls to joists or beams. Sleeper screws can reinforce a build with their tightening abilities. At ASP, our decking sleeper screws have a 7.0mm diameter for increased strength.

What materials are your sleeper screws made from?

Our sleeper screws are top-grade steel. At ASP, we have taken the extra step and coated each of our screws with an organic, galvanised coating for additional durability. 

How long do sleeper screws last?

The lifespan of decking sleeper screws depends on their composition, the surrounding conditions and what they support.  If used in outdoor and damp environments, they may deteriorate slightly faster than in dry, indoor conditions. However, they are one of the most durable, long-lasting fasteners on the market.