Bay Pole Screws

Bay pole screw by ASP Ltd
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Bay Pole Screws are a type of self-tapping screw that features a rounded head and a pointed tip. They are commonly used to join window frames together to make bay windows. Bay Pole Screws are designed to be corrosion-resistant and have a high shear strength, making them ideal for outdoor applications. Additionally, the rounded head shape provides excellent grip for the screwdriver, making them very easy to install.

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ASP Code Size
FG/1050Y 4.8 x 50
FG/1060Y 4.8 x 60
FG/1070Y 4.8 x 70
FG/1080Y 4.8 x 80

Our high-quality bay pole screws are designed to provide a secure and long-lasting fix for your windows. Say goodbye to flimsy, unreliable materials and upgrade to products from our tried-and-tested range. 

Crafted from premium materials, our bay pole screws will stand the test of time. Their hardened steel composition is excellent for constructing durable uPVC window frames, keeping your home warm and secure from the inside out. 

Experience the ease and convenience of our bay pole tools, designed for effortless installation. With self-drilling threads, you can save time and hassle by eliminating the need for a pilot hole. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes with securely fastened bay poles, meaning you can enjoy your uPVC windows without any worries.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a long-term solution or a professional in the window treatment industry, our bay pole screws are a perfect choice. Trust ASP to deliver top-of-the-range products straight to your door. 

What are bay pole screws used for?

Bay pole screws can connect bay windows with ease. They combine the window sill and frame to create a strong, long-lasting uPVC window for your home. 

ASP bay pole screws have a tapered shaft and thread running from the top of the screw to the bottom: this removes the need for pre-drilling pilot holes and can save you time and money on your installation. 

What sizes of bay pole screws do you offer?

We offer bay pole screws in four sizes: 

  • 4.8 x 50mm 
  • 4.8 x 60mm
  • 4.8 x 70mm
  • 4.8 x 80mm

Each screw has a gauge of 4.8, with only the length of the screw altering in millimetres. Which size you choose will vary from project to project. 

What materials are your bay pole screws made from?

Our bay pole screws are made with hardened zinc-plated steel, making them adaptable for various indoor and outdoor projects. Use our steel bay pole screws to create a robust, durable build of any size.