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Since forming in 1972, Abrasives & Screw Products Limited has grown into a strong screw supplier in the fastener market. Our company supplies equipment to major manufacturers and trade members across the construction industry. More than forty years of providing bulk specialist screws have allowed us to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the industry. We are not only a screw suppliers but also a supplier of valuable expertise. We can give you in-depth advice on the specialist screws which will guarantee the best performance for your particular project.

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ASP Ltd is committed to providing high-quality products and customer service. We offer a variety of bulk screw types for all kinds of applications. The screw design you need depends on the material you will be using and what you are aiming to manufacture with them. If you are ever unsure or overwhelmed by choice, you can consult us for an expert opinion. Make sure you that you are getting the highest value by bulk-buying specialist screws for smaller and larger enterprises. If you have any difficulties locating a specific product, then contact us and we can source it for you.

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You should be able to find something to suit your needs from our wide range of specialist screws in bulk quantities. We will provide all the details you will want to know about the head strength, tensile strength, and threads for each type of screw. This will make the process of identifying the appropriate screws for your materials much simpler. You can easily locate countersunk screws to assist with the finish of your design. Some screws are available with different recesses to fit the drill bit you prefer to use. We can even provide application advice and free samples to design engineers.

At ASP Ltd, we offer screws for use with a range of materials. There are screws for wood, plastics, drywall, and other primary materials such as chipboard and steel. Browse our helpful sections for screws specifically designed for decking, windows, solar panels, or insulation. As well as screws for use with timber, we sell screws for concrete and other masonry materials. You often have options for the finish of the screw, since we sell stainless steel screws and screws with zinc or passivated plating. We also offer self-tapping screws if you don’t want to drill pilot holes.